Admission Procedure

List of Currently Available Admission Forms
  •   IJMB (Arts and Social Sciences)
  •   IJMB (Sciences)


1. Sign-Up

  • Fill out the sign-up form correctly
  • Carefully Choose the School Programme you wish to enroll for.
  • You are expected to use a Valid/Active email address.
  • Confirmation Link will be sent to your email address.
  • Please confirm the Link to login and complete the application process.
  • Part of the application process involves upload of scanned certificates.
  • Please Keep your password safe and simple to Remember

2. Payment of Application Fee

  • visits
  • Click on LOGIN
  • Type your email and password
  • Click on Log In. The systems logs you in to your personalized dashboard
  • Click on Payment
  • Enter the required information requested and continue to follow the prompts until payment of Application Fee is successful
  • Print the receipt for the portal and the remita receipt sent to your email and proceed to the next stage.

3. Bio-Data Registration

  • visits
  • Click on LOGIN
  • Type your email and password
  • Click on Proceed button
  • Complete the online Bio-data registration. Ensure you complete all taps. Ensure your passport and Relevant Documents (in pdf format) are uploaded before Completion.

Please ensure to select appropriate course of choice before completing the application.

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